The halls of King David High School are alive with energy and excitement as students are inspired to reach goals they never thought possible.

 Through a thoughtfully designed academic program that values learning, scholarship and mastery, students collaboratively engage in big-picture problem solving. The King David experience nurtures each student’s unique talents and passions, empowering them to express and act upon their interests. There is the palpable joy of immersive Jewish experiences that creates a clear path to Jewish conviction, pride and identity. A Judaic Studies program that encourages students to come to terms with relevant Jewish issues instills the belief that you can be as Jewish as you are successful. All of this takes place within an inclusive community that breeds good judgment while providing a protective sense of belonging and imparting a deep sense of responsibility.

Head of School Welcome

Welcome to King David, where we strive to cultivate a warm environment that nurtures Jewish minds and engages Jewish hearts in today’s ever-changing world. Our overarching vision guides us as we equip our students to not only achieve their goals but also thrive as proud young Jews.

Our commitment to “engaging Jewish hearts” stems from the belief that the heart not only sustains us but also serves as a compass, guiding our actions and decisions. This deep-rooted Jewish ethos forms the bedrock of our school.

When our students graduate, they are well-prepared for the challenges of life on post-secondary campuses and career tracks, poised to embrace the present and future with confidence. As a school, we foster an outward focus, encouraging our students to be positive agents of change in their communities. Our alumni possess the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary to lead successful, balanced lives, actively working towards making the world a better place as proud Jews.

I warmly invite you to discover the King David experience for yourself. Join us for a tour and feel the vibrant energy that emanates from a school community where students explore their passions, cultivate their intellect, and immerse themselves in a joyful continuum of Jewish experiences.

– Russ Klein, Head of School



Our vision is to be a dynamic leader in empowering Jewish minds and engaging Jewish hearts for the modern world.


King David High School is a pluralistic Jewish high school committed to:

  • Creating academic excellence – by providing a challenging integrated dual curriculum and extra-curricular activities that inspire lifelong learning and empower each student to achieve his or her full potential
  • Imparting Jewish values – by instilling an enduring understanding of and love for Torah, the Jewish people, the community, and Eretz Israel
  • Developing effective leaders – by teaching and inspiring individuals to be giving of themselves, both to the Jewish community and to the greater society in which they live

Our Story

King David High School is a pluralistic, community, and co-educational Jewish high school in the Oakridge district of Vancouver. The school, initially known as Maimonides Secondary School, opened in September 1987 with nine students in Grade 8. In 1992, the school moved to Baillie Street and continued to grow.

In 2005, spearheaded by the vision and philanthropy of the Diamond Foundation, King David High School opened the doors to a new facility.

King David is the largest Jewish high school west of Winnipeg. The unique feature of King David High School is its dynamic, integrated – general and Judaic studies – dual curriculum.

Throughout its history, King David has developed leaders and visionaries who now play important roles in supporting both the local and global communities.


Strategic plan

We are very pleased to share King David’s new Five Year Strategic Plan. A Strategic Plan is a living document and we are committed to ensuring that this plan continues to reflect our aspirations and our needs.

We encourage you to please click on the Strategic Plan below and explore. We hope that you will agree that we are building on the growing success enjoyed these past 10 years while adding new and fresh commitments to do even better.

We hope you will share our excitement as you read King David’s Strategic Plan. Our commitment is that this document is open to revision as it meets the ever-changing needs of our King David community.

Thank you for your help in creating our Strategic Plan.

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